I'm a baby, new infant sports writer. I've spent the majority of my career as an activist directly organizing folks to fight against poverty and violence and to build something better. For my whole life I've cared about justice and I deeply do. 

But there's this game called basketball. It makes me cry all the time. I cry when I win. I cry when I lose, I cry when I play well or poorly. I cry all the time because basketball makes me feel 1.5 times as alive as a I do usually. Who writes about basketball though (lots of people)? Who could possible feel okay writing about basketball when there's so much injustice in the world. 

I can (apparently). How much of a shame would it be to not leverage the beauty, the power and my love for my most favorite game in the world - to do something good. Yes - I will write about games and statistics and stories of overcoming. But I will also call my game to task about how it doesn't push back against sexual assault and domestic violence. Imagine this though:

What if we had a basketball future?

What if we took the very best things - like the concept of an assist, or the coach player relationship, or the collective before the whole - and lived those ideals. What if we passed instead of taking all the glory. What if we shook hands after difficult battles? What if we ensured all young men and women had mentor-coaches in their lives? Imagine if kids had a place to play?

I know that not all of the things about ball are beautiful - but I truly believe the good things, the lessons and the motivation, the stories and the integration, the love and the teamwork are valuable lessons that we all need to hold on to. I'm guess I'm saying - I think basketball can saves us. But only if someone tells us how. 

I'm Adrienne, a baby sports writer, and I'm here to make sure we have a basketball future. 

AuthorAdrienne Wallace